Privacy Policy

The Linemaster and Your Data

The Linemaster and its employees respect your privacy. We ask only for information that is vital for us to fulfill our services. Data is only shared with a single third party for accountancy purposes. In instances where we are asked to give work recommendations for other companies, we always contact the referee company for permission prior to disclosing any data.

We may store the following data so that we can contact you about the services you have requested from us.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number

We may store the following data in order to send you an invoice for the completion of any requested services.

  • Company Name
  • Company Registration Number (For internal checks)
  • Name of proprietor if you are not a limited company (For internal checks)
  • Finance Contact Name where applicable
  • Finance Contact Email Address where applicable
  • Finance Contact Telephone Number where applicable
  • Full Company Address (the company requesting our services)

We may store the following data in order for our line marking operatives to co-ordinate site visits.

  • Full Work Site Address (the site where our services are required)
  • Site Contact Name
  • Site Contact Email Address
  • Site Contact Phone Number
  • Photos of the work site (So we can give inspect the site surface and provide a quotation for work)
  • Other supporting documents such as site plans and bill of quantities. (For quotation purposes)

Data Collection and Storage

All requested data is vital in the successful fulfillment of our services and collected for that purpose alone. All data is collected through the downloaded forms from our website and correspondence by telephone and email. We do not use third parties to collect data.

Data is stored digitally on our computer systems and on paper records. It is kept for an appropriate duration (usually until work has been invoiced) and then it is deleted/destroyed. In some instances where a client has repeat business with us, certain data may be kept for future quotation and contact purposes.

Date Alteration and Removal

Any requests for your data to be:

  • Edited
  • Deleted
  • Sent to you
  • Sent to a third party

can be made to email address or telephone number shown on our contact page. We will always aim to fulfill these requests within 48 hours. Requests can be made at any time however this may affect our ability to provide services.